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What is Sex?

Why do we want it so bad?

Sex is more than just a sexual exchange between male and female for reproductive purposes. Sure chromosomes, dna, and your overall genetic makeup have an internal effect that we will (likely) never understand, but there's more to it. There's something in our cells that tells us we're not animals because animals don't even enjoy sex (except for dolphins). Seeing a girl take your cock for a ride does something to a man that can't be explained by science alone.

Sex is big business and contributes more to the US economy than more people realize. In the life span of a typical male, he'll watch more hours of pornography than he'll spend watching the news. This tells you that while we may be hard-wired for sex, there's something excessive going on here.

Recently I asked for comments from sexual active people (mostly men) about love, health, and women. I asked about how much "selfsex" they performed, and most people submitted realistic answers. It wasn't that long ago that masturbation was seen as "unnatural" or even "evil" but bow it's become common for most people to admit they do it.

In a world littered with a daily sex tape or videos created by your favorite celebrity (still waiting on one from Rachel Bilson over here!), I thought I'd start writing articles that described why sex was so important in American culture. Did we create this or are we just losing control as a society?

In the news we'll even see stories about sexual addicts going to SAA (Sex Addicts Anonymous) which we tend to laugh off as every-day Americans. I'd like to see what recovery is like from that disease. It must be a hard life these people that have sex every day lead. In the future I hope to go to one of those meetings. I'm sure it's a good way of meeting women. Anyways, this is the first of many writings on our sexual desires hopefully designed to get you asking yourself, why we all crave it so bad?