(continued...) The Two Questions Are...

1. Is my role within is this group a role that attracts women?

2. Am I the owner of the role?

So let's break that down a little bit. First, what is your role and does it attract young hot sluts?

Maybe you've analyzed it and seen that you are in fact the "deadpan comic" within your group and you own the role. It's great that you fully own a role within your group, but most young hot sex bunnies hate deadpan comics.

So, which roles within your group should you try to fill?

To attract a new fuck buddy every week, I've found that the best roles to try to fill are:

1. Upbeat/Outgoing Fun Guy - This is a role that requires some good sense of humor and a voice that projects. It flirts the line with "loud guy at party" but doesn't quite cross it. Think more Vince Vaughn than Stiffler. If you are funny (not necessarily hilarious), outgoing, not afraid to schmooze, are a friendly drunk, can play coy, and likes to get games started and people involved then this is the role for you. I've been playing it for years and get better every time I do it. If it's kind of you, but not really (I'm guessing there's a lot of you in this window) then you need to look at the aforementioned traits and focus on getting better at them.

You are a friendly drunk who is funny and can play coy, but hate to schmooze? Well... Learn to fucking schmooze! I don't mean to sound harsh here, but you need to paint a picture of who you are that fits within the niche of what a horny college gal is looking for. When you have 3 of the 5 traits, you are like a puzzle missing pieces and this is less "mysterious" than it is unnerving to women. I get wanted to not fit the mold, but save that for later. You want to fit this mold to the tee and be the owner of the "upbeat/outgoing fun guy."

2. Leader - This is usually the more serious type who everyone looks to when shit goes down or when your group is looking for something to do. This doesn't mean you are a General or CEO, it simply means that within your group you are seen as the primary decision maker. This is extremely apparent within female groups and often times much more apparent to the women scoping you out than within the group. If you are totally unsure whether you're the leader then you're not and should try a different role. If you know you are one of the leaders, than you need to dominate that role for it to really be effective.

And here comes the harsh sounding but very real advice if you are the number two or three leader in the group... become the number one leader or find a new group. I don't mean ditch your friends entirely and go be friend with someone else, but if you like the leader role and don't feel you can make the push to dominate the role without potentially hurting friendships, then start a meetup group or connect and start a new group. You can still be friends with everybody, but starting a group gives you an edge on being it's leader (as you organized it) and you can start to use it to meet women. Personally, I hate the role of leader and that's okay. I've done it though and truthfully it's probably the most effective way to meet women but if you're not a natural at it, then you might find yourself hating the time you spend with your group and it will make meeting local sluts less fun.

3. Rebel - This is a really fun role to play. This is the "I don't give a shit" and "holy shit, he's crazy... don't mess with him" role. It's best to find a new group to play this role in because you don't want to be exposed as a real person. The idea is create a mystique that intrigues fuck buddies into your arms. You will have no mystique if you're always around. Trust me.

If this role appeals to you, then stick to some basics. You don't lead or follow anyone ever. You constantly have your own thing going on. You want to find a group that is going to talk behind your back but is also a little afraid of you. You don't ever get caught up defending your positions. For instance, if you are wearing a leather jacket on a hot day, either 1) your group is too afraid to ask why or 2) they'll accept a simple one sentence response like "because I like it" without pushing further. You'll know you've taken over the role when some within your group will start to try acting more rebellious themselves and no one pries into your decision-making. Whereas "The Fonz" is actually more "Upbeat/Outgoing Fun Guy" than people care to admit, this role is more James Dean, Bruce Wayne, or John Wayne. You can be motorcycle rider, the man who says very little, or an old cowboy that's done things he regrets. The key is to leave as much mystery surrounding your story as possible. It's amazing what you can become to a hot slut when you let your group of friends fill in the gaps of your story for her. What's even crazier, is with this role sometimes it's better when your group talks shit about you to girls. Girls are extremely inquisitive and that plays highly to the favor of "The Rebel."

There are a lot of other roles that can help you find local fuckbuddies, but these three cover the three things that attract the most women: attractable-ness (you ability to attract all people to you), intelligence, and mystique. You can see how each of the aforementioned traits directly relate to each role I described respectively. The great part is you only need to have one. The hard part is, you need to be the best in your group at it.