Finding Local Sluts

To Be Regular Fuck Buddies

Why can't I just meet sluts than are DTF and develop a rolodex of them?

Now I'm in my 30's and I don't have the body or the hairline I was possessed. The funny thing is, I get laid more than ever before. Guys are always asking me "how do you do it?" They want to know how where I find all of these local sluts and why as guy like me is a fuck buddy magnet to hot young girls?

What's most interesting to me is that the guys asking me these questions are almost always much better looking than me. By any metric, they would be considered more attractive to the opposite sex. I'm sure most of them have their own fuck buddies around town, but I suspect these guys have a different issue at play than most of the guys reading this. They don't know how to say no and are afraid of looking like a dick, so they end up in these mini relationships for a few months and at the end of a year they've only had sex with 2 or 3 women. They see me with a new chick every week and there's no fighting, no worries, and no problems. It's just me having lots of sex with hot local sluts.

So, what I tell those guys is to appreciate the gift they have and to learn how to initiate these relationships better. When they meet a girl at the club, they need to set the groundwork right away. Don't try to be her knight in shining armor. Let her know you are the black knight and will always be. She can do what she wants. What I'm telling them is that they have to play the part of the bad boy.

They almost always ask, "well, what if it's a girl that I might have a future with? I don't want to just throw that away by being an ass right off the bat either."

In a way, I usually start to get a little frustrated with these guys at this point. These questions prove to me that they never had to work to meet women in their life. They don't intuitively know anything about women. Any guy that's had to work for it, knows that it doesn't matter at all what their first impression of you is, as long as there is a first impression.

Now, for the guys that do have to work to find local sluts and fuck buddies:

You are my peeps. I have been there, man. At one point in my life I had almost given up on trying to meet women more attractive than me. I would go around looking for ugly women with low self-esteem just because it made me feel like the prize within the relationship. This is no way to live your life!

Everything changed once I made a conscious decision to be a more confident and better person. I wanted to live a life to be proud of and the one nature intended for me. Sure, some look down on me for going around sleeping with local sluts and having about 5 or 6 fuck buddies I could call on the drop of a dime. This doesn't bother me though, because I think as men we were put here to spread our seed. It may sound misogynistic, but frankly I don't care... it works.

The funny thing is that I can do this without being disrespectful or a jerk. A great person to emulate is Hugh Heffner. He presents an aura about him and do you think he ever has to have the "I don't want to put a label on this" or awkwardly tries to pick women up at the bar? NO!

The trick is to be the host. Host parties, be a connector of people. Start practicing by starting to host events with your friends, even if it's other guys. You need to become really cognizant of who you are in a group. Then you need to work on it.

Once you realize what your role is in the group (funny guy, boring guy, leader, partier, jock among nerds etc...), you need to ask yourself is this something that will appeal to women?

Why is this all so important?

Because women care much more about your social standing than your looks. It's as biological within them as it is within use to stare at tits and daydream about fucking that workplace slut everyone else seemed to get a round with.

Women evaluate your value based on your social standing. If you can adjust your role within your group, you can start to exploit this. You don't necessarily need to be the leader of your group, but if you can be sole-owner of your role then you're unstoppable.

Once, you evaluate and conclude which role you currently play, ask yourself two questions...

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