The Debate Continues

Brunette vs Blonde

Who is really "more fun"?

Brown hair vs. blonde has always been a big point on contention at the bar amongst friends. Are brunettes really smarter? Are the more blondes in CA? Does a little dark color in the hair mean a girl is less likely to have sex with you on the first date?

If you read any maxim articles or watch any porn videos, you'll quickly see that "blondes have all the fun" and apparently brunette girls are a little more into sports then sex. Tell that to Eva Longoria. I've met more brownhaired girls that buck the stereotypes than blondes that conform to it. While you would still rather take a brunette home to mom, she might be a lady in the street but a freak in the bed. I like to employ a little trick when I first meet a girl and constantly remind her what her hair color stereotype is. I do this in a teasing way, of course, but it's effective nonetheless.

If you dig through some social media, you'll see come interesting facts on hair color. People love to tweet about it, and girls love to pin pics of them changing it. #brownblndefacts and #brunetteblondes usually are hilarious tags to follow. I've retweeted a ton of the one-liners and funny facts I've seen on both. The truth is that the details of a woman's follicles simply don't matter and are usually not going to tell you any more about someone than other indicators. Which indicators you ask?

You need to look at how she walks and presents herself. If she keeps her chin up, she's confident. If she walks like a WNBA player then she is not looking for attention, whereas if she's walking like Jessica Rabbit then you've got a girl looking for some action. Also, take a look at what she's wearing and how social she is being. When a girl is dressed up for the club and talking to all of her girlfriends, she's much easier to approach than the girl in jean studying at the library.


Blondes, brunettes, and redheads can all be "more fun." Brown Hair shouldn't matter as much as it does. You have to go out there and talk to them all and hope to find that special one. Personally, I've stopped pigeonholing myself.